Industrial Safety Shoes


Safety shoes provide protection at the top of the foot (metatarsal) against drops and to protect against sharp objects like nails piercing the foot from the bottom, through the soles.Safety shoes are resilient shoes worn by workers dealing with heavy-duty machineries and equipment in factories and construction sites on a daily basis. These Industrial Safety work wear protect the feet of the workers against a majority of injuries that may result from working in high-risk, accident prone settings. Injuries at industrial workplaces result from multitudes of reasons; a few of the common types of injuries to the feet include muscular sprains, fractures, wounds, lacerations and injuries from falling objects and getting crushed. Feet also may get injured from injuries that happen as a result of slipping, losing balance, falling and tripping over objects. Thus, employers are advised to take necessary measures to ward off any unforeseen events in the future. Employees’ safety should be the primary concern and sole responsibility of employers in vulnerable industries such as construction, etc. where foot injuries are very commonplace. Keep in mind that wearing the wrong size of safety boots, at times, may also result in ingrown toenails which is a very painful condition. Safety boots provide adequate cushioning and protective padding around the toes and on the sole to give as close to absolute and impermeable protection to the feet of the workers as possible.